3 reasons why a lunch meeting should be your go-to tactic for closing

August 23, 2018


You’ve been working hard to capture the attention of a prospective client and you’ve finally landed a meeting. Do you go to their office or invite them to lunch? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider making a lunch meeting (especially at Sweet Grass) your go-to for closing.


1. You Will Control the Experience

Their office is their territory: colleagues may interrupt you and they may be distracted by calls or emails. Even if they agree to come to your office, YOU could now be the ones battling off the distractions. You both to be comfortable and an environment to work for you. You can control the entire atmosphere at lunch.


You arrange things and email your prospect the info on where to meet (we suggest Sweet Grass).  Arrive early and talk with the wait-staff (consider pre-tip, and learn their names to take special care of your table so the focus is on your business at hand. Now everything is on your turf and your prospect can be wowed by your style, initiative, and way with people.


2. You'll Be on Equal Footing

If you go to someone’s office, they sit in the power position and wait for you to perform. Their goal is to make you feel small and insignificant. With a little planning at lunch effort, it’s easy to keep the power equal or give you the upper hand. Check out the restaurant you choose and find a table that you like. Ensure that you can see the door and have your back to the wall when possible. Sit at an equal height and keep yourself as their focal point, helping you to close the deal.


3. You'll Create a Shared Experience

Making your prospect feel comfortable should be your number one mission and ensuring they are well fed during your meeting can make it easier for you to succeed. Lunch always you the chance to find common ground and bond. Create a memory that becomes the basis for your future relationship. Clearly address the need for meeting and enjoy the experience together.

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